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Although auction selling still represents the most transparent and effective means to determine price many other marketing options can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to auction selling to maximize and/or stabilize returns. With changing economic environments and technological advancements the need to be able to adapt and modify selling strategies on the run is now more important than ever. Beecher Wool Services is able to do this by offering a comprehensive range of marketing options, backed up by sound technical knowledge and up to date computer and software systems. 


Of equal importance is the ability to efficiently and cost effectively handle your physical wool. Whether it be lotting wools in cost effective parcels,  making sure that the wool is cored and grabbed  promptly or striving to have your wool ready for sale in the quickest possible time Beecher Wool Services are able to achieve this because they are the handler of your wool, not a third party.


As soon as we receive all of your wool into our warehousing facility and the accompanying “Wool Specification Form” your wool is core sampled, grab sampled and independently weighed by the resident Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA) representative. Your core sample and grab sample are then sent to the AWTA for testing. Your test results are usually issued by the AWTA within four business days of testing. Once those results are received we either email or post you a “Test Results and Bale Weights Advice” with all the test results and individual bale weights available at time of printing. 


Beecher Wool Services offer weekly in Sydney. We personally attend and auction your wool.


You can offer your wool electronically to the trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Price volatility is and continues to be of considerable concern to wool producers. Beecher Wool Services can offer you the ability to manage this risk. 


Its advantage is that unlike electronic selling an offer price is not required as part of the process.

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Beecher Wool Services interlots most one and two bale lines, with grower equity a focus at all times.


For the woolgrower who prefers a net price we have 2 alternatives.

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