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  • We offer an easily calculated brokerage charge. It is an all inclusive  flat rate  per bale , with no commissions , hidden charges or margins. There are no extra charges for transit or in-store insurance . Our charges can be $20-$50 per bale cheaper than Commission brokers .

  • Your wool is insured off the sheeps back to buyer payment as part of our flat rate fee.

  • Your wool remains in our store until it is paid for.

  • We offer a full interlotting service that is open and transparent. We guarantee you that we pass on the full sale value of your interlotted wools and that we do not extract any hidden margin . You also receive the full test results as well as the  buyer of your wool as part of your Tax Invoice.

  • We offer an on farm pickup service at a competitive price.

  • Your wool is always under our care. You know the people who are handling your wool. We receive, core and store your wool. We do not pass on the care of your wool to a separate third party.

  • We believe honesty and integrity are paramount and we are not afraid to publish ALL our charges, both pre-sale and post-sale and give you a clear definition of how we operate.

  • Our post sale charge to the buyer covers the cost of transport of your wool to the nearest Wool Dump (Yennora). The buyer purchasing your wool is paying  a charge that  is comparable or quite often considerably cheaper than the post sale charges levied by other Wool Brokers.

  • We are in attendance and auction your wool when it is offered for sale in Sydney.

  • We are a shareholder in Yennora Woolbrokers Pty Ltd which shows the largest amount of wool in Sydney.

  • We are a cost effective regionally based warehouse.

  • We have modern and efficient wool handling facilities. Beecher Wool Services are one of the most efficient wool coring sites in NSW and Queensland. Finishing in the top 10% of handling facilities for all of the last 20 years (AWTA benchmarking statistics).

  • We are a registered Australian Wool Testing Authority sampling facility.

  • We are active participants in forward markets and risk management, with over 20 year’s experience.

  • All our wool handling staff are registered AWEX Appraisers.

  • We are active participants in industry committees and associations.  Wayne is the current Chairman of Inland Wool Brokers Association. Wayne was a past representative of the National Auction Selling Committee.

  • Beecher Wool Services is a foundation member of the Australian Wool Exchange.

  • Wayne Beecher is a foundation Director of the Inland Wool Brokers Association.

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