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About Us


Beecher Wool Services was established in 1993 by Wayne Beecher and is still owned and operated by Wayne and his wife Kerrie. It's establishment coincided with the demise of the floor price scheme and the recognition that wool producers required the services of a business that could navigate the changed circumstances that they would be facing.


To this day Beecher Wool Services offers a proactive service with a wide range of marketing options to cater for their innovative client base. Also being regionally based our wool producers receive personalised service tailored to their individual requirements. Beecher Wool Services is committed to the wool industry and its client base. It always has and will continue to put the best interests of their client first.


The Wool Industry is one of the oldest primary industries in Australia as well as one of the world’s oldest textile industries. During history it has shown a remarkable ability to survive and flourish when many have predicted its demise.

It will continue to survive with innovation and adaptation, a process that Beecher Wool Services firmly believes in and strives to achieve.

“To provide a transparent, proactive and effective wool marketing service to wool producers whilst building a mutually beneficial long term business relationship."

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