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Beecher Wool Services interlots most one and two bale lines, unless otherwise requested. This service is conducted with a sound knowledge and expertise in commercial requirements, with grower equity a focus at all times. There are no hidden charges or margins as part of our interlotting service.

Interlotting is the matching of 1 and 2 bale lines of similar characteristics into a larger line of wool (3 bales plus). This differs from bulk classing which matches wool by blending different lines of wool in a wool bin and repressing to achieve a larger line of wool.

Interlotting has the benefit of reducing the cost of the test certificates to the grower and allows for transparency in the sale process. You receive test results for the wool and all lots are sold account the grower and not purchased or taken over. The same level of transparency is not possible by bulk classing.

Several wool buyers have applauded our interlotting as it reduces their administration and shipping costs by amalgamated the 1 and 2 bale lines.

Many doubtful clients with previous bad experiences now trust us to interlot their wool.

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