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Beecher Wool Services offer weekly in Sydney. We personally attend and auction your wool .

Beecher Wool Services offers weekly at Yennora Wool Brokers showfloor , part of the main showfloor , immediately adjacent the Sydney Sale Rooms. Beecher Wool Services

are one of five share holders in Yennora Wool Brokers and the showfloor  displays  

the largest offering of wool in Sydney. It is important to remember that your wool

remains in our store only a representative grab sample is displayed in Sydney. We also personally attend these wool sales as your representative and are more than happy for you to travel with us to inspect your samples and view the auction. Depending on when wool is received into store it can take as little as eight  business days to a maximum of thirteen business days for your wool to be sold at auction (excluding recesses).

The process involves Beecher Wool Services issuing “Estimate Appraisal Advices” based on the previous weeks prices and market perceptions.  During the sale week a follow up phone call is made to discuss any market movements since the previous week and obtain selling instructions, including any reserves. Your wool is then offered for sale at auction after receiving full competition from all exporters and mills. Wayne Beecher is our  auctioneer. He is a proficient auctioneer and well respected by the wool buying trade.

Once you wool is sold a “Sale Advice” is issued detailing the price received. It  also includes a comparison to the appraisal price. A follow up phone call is made that afternoon/evening to confirm receipt of the advice and relay the market conditions of the day. Finally a “Recipient Created Tax Invoice” is created which details the gross amount received less all relevant charges (including GST). It also has attached details of all the lots sold for the relevant sale including the Buyer of the wool .

Payment terms are 9 days from the Friday of the sale week which is usually a Monday. Your wool remains in our store until payment has been received from the buyer.

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